Fox’s Ed Henry Urges White House Reporters: ‘Let’s Not Be A Bunch Of Lemmings’ For Obama

In an interview this afternoon with Laura Ingraham, Fox’s White House correspondent Ed Henry explained that he has urged his colleagues to not be “lemmings” for Obama when coming up with questions to ask the president and his communications staff.

Henry claimed that when he was with CNN covering George W. Bush administration, asking similarly tough questions of the president, he was “cheered on” by his colleagues. But now that he’s at Fox covering the Obama administration, “it can get a little bit lonely sometimes.”

He clarified that his colleagues’ cheering of tough questions to Bush may not have been “partisan” so much as a desire to do their job and “taking on power.” But, for whatever reason, he said, the tough questions aren’t encouraged so much anymore… at least until the DOJ and IRS scandals emerged.

“If we’re going to be sitting there in the briefing room,” he urged, “let’s not be a bunch of lemmings. Let’s actually stand up and ask tough questions. If the administration has answers for them, great, let’s move on to the next story. But if answers keep changing, then you better keep asking questions over and over.”

Listen below, via The Laura Ingraham Show:

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