Fox’s Kennedy Mocks Pelosi on New Years Eve by Depicting Her Ordering ‘Servants’ to Ply Her With Wine


As Pete Hegseth and Kennedy hosted Fox News’ New Years Eve special on Monday night, the latter decided to liven up the show with a really unflattering portrayal of Nancy Pelosi.

The two navigated the evening by holding an interview with President Trump, but they also had time to report on national festivities and take shots at CNN’s Don Lemon among others. Eventually, Kennedy mysteriously disappeared from the show while Hegseth spoke to a twitching, speech-impeded depiction of “Pelosi.”

Hegseth and Kennedy went on by mocking Pelosi’s “crumbs” comments, along with her trip to Hawaii amid the government shutdown. “Pelosi” eventually tried to prove she’s not out of touch with “the regular little stinky dirt-people” by asking Fox’s “servants” to help her play a guessing game with glasses of wine.

Kennedy: “I came up with a little game to show you how in touch I am with the regular little stinky dirt-people.”

Hegseth: “I can’t wait. You came not just for an interview but bearing a game?”

Kennedy: “That’s right. I had your servants pour three cheap glasses of swill, horrible wine, and I’m going to guess what each one is.”

Kennedy continued the segment with some more remarks about “servants,” keeping up the fake lisp, and congratulating herself for correctly naming all the drinks. When Hegseth pulled out a mystery wine that “Pelosi” called the most delicious drink she had since her honeymoon, he informed her: “it’s the blood of freshman Democrats you’ll bring to heel.”

“It’s a little warm and salty,” Pelosi-Kennedy said as she kept on drinking. “I think I like it. I think I like tasting their blood.”

The Pelosi skit is reminiscent of how Kennedy hosted Fox’s show last year, during which, she mocked Kathy Griffin for losing her CNN co-hosting job over her stunt with a bloody mask of Trump.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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