Fox’s Melissa Francis Challenges Sarah Sanders’ Trump Exoneration Claim: Mueller ‘Muddied the Water’


Sarah Huckabee Sanders encountered a degree of pushback on Wednesday in her first interview with Fox News after Robert Mueller’s press conference.

The White House press secretary spoke to Melissa Francis on Outnumbered Overtime, during which, she launched into a reiteration of her statement that the special counsel determined “no collusion, no conspiracy” from Trump. This comes after Mueller contradicted Attorney General Bill Barr on multiple fronts, saying Justice Department guidelines prevented him from bringing charges against the president, and that “if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Francis alluded to this in her questioning by asking Sanders on how Mueller suggested “his hands were tied” in terms of charging Trump.

“If you look objectively at the press conference that he had there, [Mueller] muddied the water after Attorney General Barr was definitive – “No obstruction, no collusion, we are moving on” – That is not precisely what Mueller said. He even seemed to contradict Attorney General Barr when he talked about why he didn’t go ahead and charge. He said he didn’t have a choice, he wasn’t allowed to do that based on the law, and Attorney General Barr had said that he asked him repeatedly is this why you’re not charging, because you’re not allowed to…He definitely muddied the water.”

Sanders responded that Mueller was morally obligated to say if Trump engaged in wrongdoing, but “he did the opposite. He concluded that there was no collusion, there was no conspiracy, and left the determination about obstruction up to the Attorney General.” She also called it “sad the way Democrats are going to continue to try and carry [investigations] out.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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