Fox’s Neil Cavuto Confronts Gregg Jarrett on His Pro-Trump Positions: ‘Do You Fault the President for Anything?’


Gregg Jarrett, a fixture on Fox News opinion programming, made a rare appearance Wednesday on one of the network’s news side shows, and was confronted about being an apologist, more or less, for President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Your World with Neil Cavuto, Jarrett — promoting his latest book titled Witch Hunt — was grilled about his position that the president bears no culpability in the Russia and Ukraine probes.

Cavuto began by grilling Jarrett for his criticism of the media.

“A lot of it you blame just on the media in general,” Cavuto said. “You say ‘therein lies a serious problem, journalists or hosts who are not schooled in the law felt no reticence in drawing conclusions on air about criminal conduct without having the requisite education for efficiency or experience in the law.’ In other words, they just shot from the hip. They were lazy.”

“Yeah,” Jarrett said. “The facts, the evidence, and the law is available to them. But none of them wanted to bother. Because they were driven by two things, hatred and bias. Hatred of the president, and a liberal bias that I think influences the way they pick stories and the way that they tell those very stories.”

But Cavuto pressed Jarrett on Trump’s role.

“Now the president would call that fake news,” Cavuto said. “But he’s gone back-and-forth on that.”

He added, “Do you say that the president doesn’t sometimes confuse people? He says something and then says something else?”

Jarrett cited a chapter in his book where he documented what he calls “media malpractice.”

“I get that,” Cavuto replied. And you well-researched that and documented with great detail, and it is impressive. But do you fault the president for anything?”

Jarrett chuckled.

“Well, the president, I suppose, bears blame — as he will tell you — for appointing Jeff Sessions,” Jarrett said.

Then came this exchange:

Cavuto: I know you’re a great lawyer, Gregg. But does it not just look weird to you that he just survived the whole Mueller investigation and accusations that he was working with the Russians to fix the election which was proven untrue. But once again. he talks to a leader of a sovereign nation in another U.S. Election.

Jarrett: We spent two-and-a-half years looking into Russian meddling. As I explain in the book, there was actually Ukrainian collusion involving the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton.

Cavuto: Mothing in the phone call, nothing in the transcript of the phone call would dissuade you to view that, at the very least, it was improper?

Jarrett: No, it’s not improper to ask them to help William Barr in his ongoing official Department of Justice investigation.

Cavuto: About a guy who could challenge you for the presidency?

Jarrett: As to Joe Biden … you’ve got Joe Biden on videotape bragging about a clear quid pro quo —

Cavuto: I’m not denying any of that, doesn’t look bad to you?

Jarrett: It looks bad to Democrats. It doesn’t look bad to me.

Cavuto: Nothing?

Jarrett: Nothing is wrong. The Department of Justice looked at that conversation and said there was no crime. No campaign finance violations.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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