Fox’s Varney Shuts Down Alan Dershowitz for Calling Epstein Accuser ‘Sleazy’: I Don’t Want ‘Words Like That’ On This Show


Fox Business host Stuart Varney spoke with Alan Dershowitz on his show Monday, where Dershowitz called Jeffrey Epstein an “academic colleague” and attacked an Epstein accuser he is suing as “sleazy.”

“I knew Jeffrey Epstein the same way the president of Harvard knew him, he was an academic colleague … We were never close personal friends of any kind,” Dershowitz said.

The Miami Herald has reported that Dershowitz was a friend and houseguest of Epstein, as well as a member of the legal team that helped Epstein get the 2008 deal that let him avoid serious time in prison.

Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims she was sexually trafficked to Dershowitz and has filed a defamation lawsuit against him, claiming Dershowitz falsely branded her a liar for accusing him of using her for sex. Dershowitz has denied the claims and has countersued Giuffre, claiming he had never met her.

“Let me tell you, if I can be accused by sleazy, sleazy women and lawyers, anybody can be accused,” Dershowitz said.

Varney shut Dershowitz down, saying “I don’t want to be using words like that on this program.”

Dershowitz then challenged Varney to bring on the women accusing him of abuse to debate his points.

“I am totally the innocent, I will not sit silently by and allow myself to be accused,” he told Varney.

In recent days, Fox News personalities have been criticizing ABC News for not broadcasting an interview with Giuffre, after an activist group leaked video of anchor Amy Robach saying the network “quashed” her 2015 story on Epstein.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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