Fox’s Varney Warns President Elizabeth Warren Would Force Corporate Profits to Go to Workers and Customers


The horror!

Stuart Varney issued a dire warning to viewers of Fox & Friends Thursday morning about a possible Elizabeth Warren presidency.

In the eyes of the Fox Business host, the financial needs of shareholder and retirees — under a status quo jeopardized by Warren’s candidacy — is more important than the best interest of the workforce, community, and costumers.

“It’s the socialist takeover of American business!” Varney exclaimed.

Earlier this week CNBC’s Jim Cramer issued a dire warning that a Warren candidacy has Wall Street freaked, saying executives believe “she needs to be stopped!” Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino wrote a similar take in a column for the New York Post, which Fox & Friends cited in advance of the Varney segment.

Warren has put forth a policy which she has called the Accountable Capitalism Act, which Varney decried as being unfair to the bourgeois shareholders and retirees who rely on rising stock prices by favoring the proletariat, in Varney’s words, the “workforce, community and customers.”

Varney postulated that under Warren’s plan, profits would no longer go to shareholders, drive down stock prices, and cut the value of retirement accounts that the more well-heeled viewers of Fox & Friends likely rely on. Varney may have overlooked that the more populist viewers of the traditionally right-of-center opinion program would likely enjoy the benefits intended for the “workforce, community and customers.”

After Cramer warned of a Warren presidency, the Massachusetts’ Senator tweeted out the clip as a campaign endorsement. Varney may have inadvertently done the very same thing.

Watch above via Fox News.

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