George Lopez Is Genuinely Planning On Running For Mayor Of Los Angeles

“If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be governor of California, why can’t George Lopez be mayor of Los Angeles?” It’s a perfectly viable question, one that Lopez put forth today on Good Day L.A. When asked what he planned to do “after the comedy” (what an odd question), Lopez quickly proposed that wanted to run for mayor. Not only did he sound pretty serious, he also sounded like he’d actually put some thought into it!

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if he was joking or not. He says he’s serious at the beginning but does eventually get around to jokes (“Eight years I run. By that time, the Latino population of Los Angeles will be about 96.4%”). Still, he seemed to put some genuine thought into it when first asked when he’d run and seemed to have an answer prepared so, you never know. We’ll have to watch Lopez Tonight to keep up.

Again, is the Beverly Hills Chihuahua any worse a choice than the Kindergarten Cop?

Check out the clip from Good Day L.A. below:

(Deadline Hollywood via Splitsider)

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