Geraldo Rivera Credits Hannity’s Show for Helping POTUS Defense: ‘You’re the Difference’ Between Trump and Nixon


Geraldo Rivera praised Sean Hannity on his show Tuesday night for all his show is singlehandedly doing to defend President Donald Trump right now.

Hannity said tonight, “They are out to destroy this man, they have been from day one, and they will again to accomplish this.”

Rivera proceeded to give Hannity and his show a lot of credit, calling him the difference between Trump and Nixon:

“If it wasn’t your show, Sean, they would destroy him absolutely. You’re the difference between Donald J. Trump and Richard Nixon. In Nixon’s case, if he had someone that stuck up for him, he wouldn’t have been motivated to cover up that burglary, he would’ve let the perpetrators get their just desserts.”

Hannity responded, “I don’t necessarily agree with your analysis, but I will tell you they lie, I’m sick of it. They’re hurting the country, I’m sick of that too. And their double standard is repulsive at this point.”

“Everything you say is absolutely true,” Rivera responded, “but watching your show and watching your producers work and seeing these packages where you put the lie exactly to what they’re saying — who else is doing that? The nation is being fed this constant stream of propaganda and impeachment. Some of these people have been calling for his impeachment from the microsecond he was elected.”

Last year, Rivera made similar remarks telling Hannity Nixon wouldn’t have been forced to resign if a guy like him had been around.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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