Glenn Beck Defines “Violent Rhetoric” And Explains Where You’ll Find It

On his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck decided to take some time out to clear up what exactly this “violent rhetoric” everyone’s talking about is. It’s not coming out of the mouths of Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh, he promised. Instead, it’s coming from Frances Fox Piven and the other progressive radicals he rails against on his show.

However, while we need to “tune in” to this rhetoric, Beck explained, we’re not here to regulate it. Helpfully using the example of President Obama’s “gun to a knife fight” comment (you know the one as you may have heard a couple of Conservatives mention it over the past couple of days), Beck pointed out that it is entirely within anyone’s right to talk like this as long as they’re not actively threatening anyone. He wouldn’t, though, because the climate has now changed.

Beck seemed the most passionate when he was talking about a joke he made about killing Michael Moore back in 2005. Beck was clearly frustrated that the comments had been getting so much play on the Internet yesterday, angrily pointing out that they’re nearly six years old. For the record, that’s nearly three and a half years older than Obama’s knife fight comment.

Check out the audio from the Glenn Beck Program below:


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