GOP Strategist Liz Mair Insists Michelle Wolf Called Sarah Sanders a ‘Fat Lesbian’


The internet has been abuzz all day about the controversial jokes White House Correspondents’ Dinner host Michelle Wolf made about White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Yet during a segment on MSNBC, Republican strategist Liz Mair offered her own unique take on the comedian’s barbs that a causing a bit of buzz on their own.  She insisted that Michelle Wolf’s jokes were really implying that Sanders was a “fat lesbian.”

“Now, you know, in order for comedy to be funny, one of the things that I think has to apply is there has to be a dose of truth or something, a kernel that rings true in whatever that’s said,” Mair said during the MSNBC panel.

She continued on: “Very clearly that is a comment that is about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ looks and it’s not a compliment. It’s extremely hypocritical that we’re hearing from somebody of the left, sort of lesbian, fat lesbian jokes when supposedly we’re not even supposed to be making those.”

Democratic strategist Atima Omara then interjected she didn’t know what “fat lesbian jokes” Mair was talking about since the reference was actually to The Handmaid’s Tale and the women who work hard to uphold the anti-women regime.

Mair then suggested that Wolf should make her jokes more accessible to those who hadn’t read the book or didn’t take it that way.

“If you’re supposed to be writing a good comedy routine you better write jokes that people can understand and don’t think that you’re calling somebody a fat lesbian,” she insisted.

Mair then concluded: “So, sorry, but she kind of did a bad job.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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