Gov. Cuomo Threatens Lawsuit if Trump Tries to Exert ‘Total Authority’ to Make New York Re-Open


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would take legal action against President Donald Trump if he tries to act on his claim of having “total authority” to decide when the Empire State’s coronavirus lockdown will end.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Monday night, Cuomo was asked for his reaction to Trump’s latest White House press conference, where he falsely claimed to possess the authority over when states re-open for business. This comes after New York and multiple state governments took the lead on embracing social distancing without a federal mandate.

Cuomo scoffed at Trump’s claim, saying it’s “not true.”

“It’s not legal. It’s a total abrogation of the Constitution,” Cuomo said.

“The Constitution says we don’t have a king. To say I have total authority over the country because I’m the president, it’s absolute. That is a king,” Cuomo said. “And why he would want to say that after initially when he did the quote unquote close down of the government, he never did the closedown. He wants to say the travel ban with China was a close down. It wasn’t. It was a travel ban with China. The close down was left to the governors to do individually state by state.”

In the event, though, that Trump tries to make states reopen in the middle of the pandemic, Cuomo warned that “if he tried an edict from the White House that put the people of the state of New York in jeopardy or violated what I thought was in their best interest, from a public health point of view, we would just be off to a lawsuit.”

“That’s the only way this really horrendous situation could get worse, is if you now see a war between the federal government and the states,” he continued.

Cuomo followed up with another interview on CNN Tuesday, where he said Trump’s comments were “schizophrenic” and that assuming control over state powers feels “more partisan, more divisive, and more dangerous.”

Watch above, via MSNBC and CNN.

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