Mika and Greta van Susteren Spar Over Morning Joe’s Calling Out Fox News: ‘You May Not Care About the Truth. We Do’


Greta Van Susteren and Mika Brzezinski had a tussle on Tuesday morning when they held an online dispute over MSNBC’s place in calling out what hey deemed to be lies and biased misinformation from other networks, in particular, Fox News.

The commotion began when Van Susteren noticed Mediaite‘s coverage of Joe Scarborough on Tuesday after he ripped into Fox News’ opinion programming. Van Susteren, who has worked for MSNBC, Fox News and CNN, responded by saying “News orgs and hosts need to stop talking about competitors as each news org has so many skeletons in their closets…They should focus on their own jobs and stop watching each other.”

Brzezinski saw Van Susteren’s comment, and she offered a rebuke to the “disturbing tweet” about her co-host’s efforts to call out “the hosts that promulgate the President’s lies.”

Van Susteren received Brzezinski’s complaint, and she doubled down by saying cable news hosts would do well to stop watching their competitors and focus more on holding politicians accountable. Brzezinski responded by telling Van Susteren “you may not care about the truth,” but Morning Joe will take notice of those who carry President Donald Trump’s water.

Van Susteren’s response:

Beyond her interactions with Brzezinski, Van Susteren has been very active on Twitter today as she defended her position from numerous critics. Here are a few examples of the arguments she put forward:

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