Joe Scarborough Blasts Fox News’ ‘Whole Cloth’ Reports: ‘Like Donald Trump, They’re Just Left With Lies’


Without naming them, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough blasted Fox News’ pro-Trump opinion programs like Fox & Friends and Hannity for, in his opinion, “making things up from whole cloth.”

With a daily torrent of breaking news that appears to present a serious and existential threat to President Donald Trump’s time in the White House, Scarborough focused on how Fox News shows are sharing previously debunked reports defending Trump.

Without specifically name-checking Fox & Friends, Scarborough called out the appearance of Federalist co-founder Sean Davis Monday morning, in which he falsely alleged that sourcing requirements for whistleblower complaints had been changed, suggesting some nefarious, and yes, deep state style conspiracy designed to bring Trump down. That report, however, had been debunked before Davis appeared on Fox & Friends, though oddly, that did not keep him from appearing on-air and spewing lies.

Scarborough then seemed to take a shot at Fox News 9 PM host, Sean Hannity, who is not just a consistent and loyal supporter of President Trump, but reportedly also a frequent confidant and advisor.

“I saw a show last night where the poor host who’s been a Trumpist from the very start was throwing all the mud he could up against the wall,” Scarborough said, adding “None of it, of course, is going to stick because Donald Trump and his administration out of control, wildly out of control.”

He then mentioned, though not by name, how Hannity “even talked about Joe Biden firing an investigator to cover up for Hunter Biden.” Scarborough then noted the more reliable news reports from Fox News’ corporate sibling the Wall Street Journal saying, “If they just read what the Wall Street Journal has …was calling that a discredited story a week ago.”

He finished with “They know that, though, but like Donald Trump, they’re just left with lies.’

Watch above via MSNBC.

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