Guy Snodgrass Denies Being Anonymous Author of A Warning: ‘No, I’m Not the Writer’


Guy Snodgrass appeared on CNN’s New Day Tuesday amid rampant speculation that he is the anonymous author who wrote the tell-all behind-the-scenes book A Warning. 

Online rumors from Monday strongly suggested that Snodgrass, the former speechwriter, and communications lead for former Defense Secretary James Mattis, was, in fact, the anonymous writer who first wrote a damning opinion piece published by the New York Times roughly a year ago, followed up by a book released last week.

The New Republic piece from former Bill Clinton speechwriter David Kusnet alleges Snodgrass is the anonymous senior official, based on an analysis of his writing style compared to his memoir Holding the Line from Snodgrass in October. Snodgrass didn’t exactly deny the allegation in a tweet saying “the swirl continues.”

Snodgrass appeared later on Monday on Fox News and was asked point-blank by Trace Gallagher  “Are you anonymous?”

“Great question,” Snodgrass responded. “I have a book out with my name on it called Holding the Line. I do appreciate that the New Republic said the writing was excellent across both books, but if I was going to make an announcement like that I would come into the studio with you in New York City.” Snodgrass’s odd refusal to answer direct questions only fueled the speculation further.

So it was left to host Alisyn Camerota to put her guest to the test by asking “There’s been lots of speculation that it is you. What is your answer? Are you the writer?”

Snodgrass did not demur this time around, stating plainly “No, I’m not the writer.” He followed up by explaining his television appearance from Monday by adding “I got asked that, evidently that news popped before I went on to a different television. They asked me the question, I kind of batted it away.” He then said  “To put it to rest, no I’m not the author of A Warning. I’m not the anonymous op-ed writer.”

Snodgrass is making the media rounds in promotion of his new book and certainly benefitted from this promotional boost. It is worth noting, however, that the author of A Warning made clear that he or she would publicly deny being “anonymous” when asked. So…the mystery continues?

Watch above via CNN.

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