Hannity Blasts the Media for Their 2017 ‘EPIC FAIL’: ‘We’ve Been Right, You’ve Been Wrong!’


In his first show of 2018, Sean Hannity slammed the “Destroy Trump Media” for the “epic fail” in their coverage of the Trump presidency.

The Fox News host insisted that the “fake news narrative of alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign has “blown up in their faces” after a year of  “breathless” nonstop reporting with “anonymous sources,” which he dismissed as “hysteria.”

So instead of admitting that they were wrong, Hannity attacked the “liberal media” for their “new narrative” that conservatives “hate the FBI and law enforcement.”

He played numerous clips from MSNBC and CNN, including CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein, who insisted that FBI isn’t “tainted” but that the Trump presidency is.

“This is laughable!” Hannity reacted. “And do you know why it’s laughable? Because the liberal media––they’re not the people who respect law and law enforcement and they’ve been that way for decades!”

Hannity challenged the media that if they “truly cared about the truth,” they should look into the laws Hillary Clinton “obviously” broke, her top aide Huma Abedin, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s “merry band of Democratic donors.”

“Imagine for a second if it was a bunch of Republican donors that were investigating through a special counsel of Hillary Clinton,” Hannity continued. You guys in the media––you would be foaming at the mouth on a nightly basis!”

He then questioned the media if they “support” people like FBI investigators and DOJ officials Peter StrzokAndrew Weissmann, and Bruce Ohr, whose participation in the Mueller probe has been scrutinized in recent weeks.

“Does any of this matter to you in the liberal mainstream media or do you just like to fail and be wrong every day?… You don’t see a conflict of interest” Do you really think that this isn’t corruption at the highest level?” Hannity asked. “You know, these criticisms that we are making––these are facts! They’re not about institutions. They’re about the violation of constitutional rights and the abuse of power at the top levels of our government. This is serious. And we’ve been right. You’ve been wrong.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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