Hannity Tears Into Robert Mueller: His Career ‘Has Been Anything But Impeccable’


During his monologue Tuesday night, Sean Hannity took a moment to investigate the top Russia investigator, Robert Mueller.

“If we want law and order to rein in this country, if we want to be a constitutional republic, we’ve got to investigate the investigators,” Hannity began. “We’ve literally got to drain the swamp and sewer.”

The Fox News host then posed the question, “Who is Robert Mueller?”

“Everybody says, ‘He’s the greatest guy in the whole wide world. Just trust us!'” Hannity mocked Mueller’s defenders. “Well members of Congress, the mainstream media, they’ve been trying to convince you the special counsel – ‘he is beyond reproach.’ Sort of like climate change. ‘Oh, noobody disagrees with us. No scientist does.’ That’s not true either! ‘Mueller is the utmost man of integrity.’ Well, we’ve been doing some digging and we found some things you need to know about.”

Hannity then slammed the special counsel by saying his career “has been anything but impeccable” and invoked his handling of the Whitey Bulger case when Mueller served as Assistant U.S. Attorney in Boston back in the 80s, specifically when four men were wrongfully convicted of murder under his watch as an apparent coverup by the FBI for their mob boss informant.

“Robert Mueller was the U.S. attorney in charge while these men were rotting in prison while certain agents in the FBI under Mueller covered up the truth!” Hannity exclaimed.

Hannity continued to blast Mueller’s defenders in the “liberal media” and Congress for “praising” the special counsel” and calling him a “pillar of honesty” an a “pillar of virtue.”

“They’ve never investigated him! They’ve actually just lying! It’s their talking point!” Hannity said. “All of the information we’re telling you about is right there, right in front of the liberal mainstream media in their faces, but they purposefully ignore it because their Destroy Trump agenda- that goes above all else.”

He concluded that Mueller “has an agenda” and that he’s “carrying out a witch hunt.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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