‘Have You Ever Watched What We Do?’ Velshi Gets Feisty With GOP Rep. Over Media Complaints


Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-ND) joined MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle on Friday, and he got scolded for saying the media can’t talk about anything except President Trump and Russia.

The representatives was asked about Trump’s efforts to undercut Robert Mueller‘s investigation, along with other questions surrounding the White House’s legal frustrations. As Cramer bemoaned the topic as a media “distraction,” Ruhle rebuked him by noting how Trump chose to attack Jeff Sessions in his New York Times interview when he could’ve talked about his agenda instead.

When Cramer responded by knocking the media’s “unhealthy obsession” with Russia, Velshi took issue with the notion that the press never talks about anything else.

“Have you ever watched what we do?” Velshi pressed. “We talk about tax reform. We talk about health care…You’re issuing Republican talking points right now. Can we have a conversation just from a legislator to journalists right now?”

Cramer quickly walked back his criticisms for Velshi and Ruhle, and he recommended that Trump focus more on his policy agenda and his “Made in America” week instead of his media coverage. From there, Ruhle pressed Cramer about why the Trump family outsources their product manufacturing, and why Mar-a-Lago is requesting permission to hire foreign employees instead of offering those jobs to Americans.

Ruhle particularly dug in when she asked “if [Trump]’s the perfect person” to fix the economy and the immigration system, “why doesn’t he do it?” After Ruhle and Cramer discussed a variety of other subjects, Velshi promised to send the representative enough material to prove that the media doesn’t have a singular focus on Russia.

“I’ll ask our producers to send you links to all of the stuff we have dob on health care and infrastructure and American made and minimum wage on economic growth so you don’t go on anybody else’s TV and spout this nonsense about how the media is obsessed with Russia. We talk about a lot of stuff.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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