‘He Did Everything By Himself’: NYC Bomber’s Father Describes Son’s Secretive Behavior


Mohammad Rahami
, whose son is suspected of the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey, opened up about what he knew in an interview with ABC.

After Ahmad Khan Rahami was taken into custody last week after a police stand-off in Linden, New Jersey, his father became an immediate media focus even though he denied any knowledge of terror involvement. Even so, the elder Rahami remained in the media spotlight, particularly after it came to light that he approached law enforcement years ago and called his son a “terrorist” after a domestic dispute.

Mohammad Rahami sat with Brian Ross for a Good Morning America interview, where he agreed with investigators that his son was the only perpetrator. “He did everything by himself,” Rahami said.

When asked if he knew anything about the two mystery men caught on New York surveillance cameras, Rahami said “I’ve never seen them before in my life.”

Rahami said he had a feeling his son was up to no good for the past several months, telling ABC that his son changed the locks on the door to his room, kept people out, and began ordering unknown packages online. Rahami’s daughter in Pakistan (who his son visited several times) posted several radical Islamic messages on social media, but the father denied having any previous knowledge of those either.

Rahami also said that one of the FBI agents who captured his son weeks ago was the same one he raised alarms over two years ago. Rahami said the agent didn’t interview his son in that previous investigation, and when asked if he should have, Rahami replied “yes, a hundred percent.”

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