‘He Got Caught’: Fox & Friends Takes Victory Lap After Obama Cancels Birthday Party Over Covid Concerns


Fox & Friends raked Barack Obama across the coals even with the former president’s plan to scale back the massive party he was going to have for his 60th birthday.

A spokesperson for the former president confirmed that Obama will significantly reduce the size and scale of the party he was going to have at Martha’s Vineyard this weekend. The event was going to be outdoors and was being set up with measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, though it was slammed by conservative media outlets who accused Obama of hypocritically violating the CDC’s new guidelines in light of the highly-contagious delta variant.

Fox & Friends took on all of this Wednesday as Steve Doocy hypothesized that Obama realized “maybe it was a tone-deaf thing” for him to go ahead with his original reported plan to have 500 guests.

“Because he got caught,” Lawrence Jones interjected before Doocy added “I bet it’s still a couple hundred people” attending.

“Maybe he didn’t watch the news. Did he know about this pandemic?” Doocy asked sarcastically.

Jones went on by saying he actually thinks “the president is doing the right thing by getting back to normal. It’s the double standard for me that’s the problem.” This led to Jones and Doocy discussing how the party would’ve contradicted the Covid safety messaging coming from the Biden administration.

“The problem is they told us you can’t do that you can’t have your wedding, you can’t have your funeral,” Doocy groaned. “But we’re going to have this gigantic opulent party on Martha’s Vineyard for 500 elites and, you know, it was wrong.”

“They wouldn’t have changed it if they didn’t get caught,” Jones concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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