Hillary Slams Trump’s Response to Puerto Rico: Was He Busy ‘Golfing’ and ‘Tweeting’?

Over the past few weeks, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has made the media rounds promoting her memoir on the 2016 election. She’s also been a pretty outspoken over the current White House occupant and how he has handled the most recent tragedies and crises impacting the country.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Clinton excoriated President Donald Trump for his administration’s slow response to Puerto Rico in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. After telling host Jimmy Fallon that she was of course disappointed Trump was president at this time due to his temperament, Fallon asked her if she felt she could handle things differently.

She noted that due to her time as secretary of state, she knew that the government needed to send naval assets and a hospital ship to Puerto Rico right away, which is why she tweeted at Trump and the Department of Defense right away. However, it was still a few more days before they “finally did” that. Clinton then wondered what Trump was doing with his time before then.

“You know, if they aren’t — if they aren’t the highest priority of your government in responding to such a terrible natural disaster, what are you — what are you people spending your time doing, right? Golfing, tweeting, watching cable TV? I mean, find some time to tell the Navy to get down there, and rescue people, and provide food, and provisions, and medical care.”

Fallon went on to ask Clinton if she feels the only way to reach Trump is to tweet at him, leading her to answer that she could also go on “some of the TV shows he watches.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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