Howard Kurtz: If Obama Went After Fox News’ Press Credentials, People Cheering on Trump Would Be Outraged

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz today covered the threat to press credentials President Trump threw out yesterday and the fervor it sparked.

Gayle Trotter said Trump just “wants the press to play fair,” while Cathy Areu said the President of the United States shouldn’t be just throwing a suggestion like that out there.

Kurtz ended the segment by saying there would certainly be outrage from Trump’s cheerleaders on this issue if the threat came from Barack Obama:

“They [the press] do need to be responsible in their coverage, but I don’t think the penalty should be pulling away credentials. And by the way, if President Obama had said ‘let’s take away Fox’s credentials’ ’cause he didn’t like the coverage, I think the reaction of some who might be cheering this would be very different.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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