‘I Can’t Un-See That’: John Berman Disturbs Brianna Keilar with Visual Metaphor for 2024 GOP Primary


CNN anchor John Berman extended a metaphor about the 2024 Republican primary race a little too far for co-anchor Brianna Keilar.

On Thursday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, Keilar and Berman convened a panel consisting of correspondents Lauren Fox and Gabby Orr to discuss the current state of the Republican presidential field, among other things.

Orr told the hosts, “What we’re seeing is that, you know, some candidates are coming out immediately and saying, ‘if Donald Trump runs, I’m not going to do it,’ while others say, ‘if he if he does run, I’m still trying to make my decision.'”

She added that “then you have candidates like Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, who are notable Trump allies but have…notably been quiet on this question.”

“I think it’s like musical chairs,” Keilar said. “They’re waiting for the music to stop and to see if there’s more than one chair right at the end of that, if they have to move fast on that.”

“Tell you what, though, musical chairs could end up with DeSantis sitting on Mike Pompeo’s lap, which is what always happens at the end of a musical chairs game,” Berman said.

“I can’t unsee that, John Berman, but thank you,” Keilar said.

They then played a clip of CNN’s Randi Kaye asking former Vice President Mike Pence if he’ll run against Trump, and Pence’s odd non-answer.

Keilar decided to get into the act, saying “All right, carrying on with our musical chairs reference, I mean, judging by that, it sounds like very possibly Mike Pence may end up with someone sitting on his lap,” come 2024.

Watch above via CNN.

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