Idiot Wind: MSNBC Apologizes After Reporting That Bob Dylan Died Last Year


MSNBC viewers this weekend were temporarily tangled up in blue after learning that American folk legend Bob Dylan had died in 2019.

The thing is, though, that Dylan did not die last year. He is still very much alive, thankfully, and still producing his unique brand of Americana folk-rock featuring lyrics that are by turn geniusly confusing and confusingly genius.

During a news update about a lost trove of unpublished Bob Dylan documents, including lyrics were sold at auction for $495,000 to an anonymous buyer, MSNBC host Richard Lui said on Saturday that “Dylan dying last year at the age of 79.”  Curiously, Australias’s Today Show also referred to Dylan as the “late singer” as it aired a montage of the singer’s clips.

Later in the This Week with Joshua Johnson, the host corrected the record and apologized for the error.

You can see both the mistake and the correction above, via MSNBC.


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