Ingraham Battles Guest on Russia Hacking: Why Didn’t The FBI Worry About Hillary Clinton’s Server?!?


Laura Ingraham had a heated exchange with Democratic pundit Scott Bolden over the recent indictments made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Earlier on Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the charges that were made against 12 Russian intel officials who infiltrated the DNC, the DNCC, and John Podesta‘s emails. And with that in mind, Ingraham stressed the importance of securing government emails, invoking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s private server.

“Doesn’t this also underscore how important it was for Hillary or anyone in government- high levels of government, not to have unsecure e-mail servers?” Ingraham asked Bolden. “Remember when we discovered that this e-mail server had been unsecured that she was using, very unusual the way she was keeping her e-mails, that Peter Strzok– when this issues was raised with him about whether this could have been compromised. Pretty much everyone expert believes the Russians were able to hack into her system. They’re going into Podesta’s, they’re gonna try to get into hers. He decided not to engage on that issue. I’m curious. If they’re so worried about Russian hacking, they didn’t seem all that worried about hacking into Hilary’s e-mails.”

Bolden agreed that every agency of government should be “concerned” about Russian hacking.

“But this was the Secretary of State having an email server in a house or in the bathroom!” Ingraham exclaimed.

“It sounds like you’re gonna blame Hillary Clinton for her email being hacked,” Bolden shot back.

“I am saying that if you guys were worried about Russia,” Ingraham continued, “why would you not worry about the Secretary of State, as smart and savvy as she was, trying to circumvent the normal course of business in government and making her communications vulnerable and everything that was in them.”

“I think they were,” Bolden responded.

“She was worried about that?” Ingraham asked. “When she was caught, she was!”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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