‘It Was Planned!’ Fox’s Gutfeld Blows Up at Geraldo for Relitigating Benghazi

geraldo gutfeldFox’s Greg Gutfeld was pretty bewildered at Geraldo Rivera today for still contesting the idea that a video was not to blame for the Benghazi attack, as conservatives have maintained for the past few years, based on information that’s come out since the attack.

Benghazi came back into the news this week after Hillary Clinton said this week she did not tell the victims’ families it was due to a video. The families disagree, and some of them are pretty outraged by Clinton’s claim.

Rivera didn’t see anything new here, just a difference of accounts, asking Eric Bolling to concede that the embassy attack was triggered by the infamous Innocence of Muslims video. And while he said “I’m not here to defend Hillary Clinton,” Bolling shot back, “Yes you are!”

Gutfeld then really went off, mock-explaining, “Abdul was sitting at home, looking at cat videos, smoking hookah, and all of a sudden he sees the video of Mohammed and goes, ‘Oh my God! I’m normally an accountant, a veterinarian, but no! I’m so angry, I’m gonna leave my house on––what a coincidence, September 11th!'”

He bluntly told Rivera “it was planned!” as Rivera continued to push back on the details.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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