Jake Tapper Calls Out Disney Amid Mulan-China Controversy: They’re ‘Thanking People Accused of Committing Genocide’

CNN’s Jake Tapper ripped the Walt Disney Company for cozying up to the Chinese government in the credits for the newly-released live action adaptation of Mulan.

As Tapper closed out State of the Union on Sunday, he noted that in the film’s credits, Disney gives thanks to China’s propaganda authorities for letting them shoot the film in the Xinjiang province. The CNN anchor explained to viewers that Xinjiang is where the Chinese authorities have detained over a million Uighar Muslims in the country, sent them to concentration camps, and subjected them to inhumane treatments and sociopolitical brainwashing.

Tapper became further incensed as he noted that Disney also used Mulan’s credits to give thanks to the Turpan Public Security Bureau, which was sanctioned by the U.S. government for overseeing the torturous activities inside the camps. He also slammed Disney CFO Christine McCarthy justifying the credits for the fact that China’s authorities allowed Disney to film the movie where they did.

“Really? How standard is it to film in an area where the local government has concentration camps and is being accused of genocide?” Tapper asked. “I guess we should be happy no parts of Fantasia needed to be filmed in occupied Poland.”

“Who cares about the concentration camps, right?” Tapper sarcastically continued as he compared this to the NBA’s “immoral position” with their refusal to condemn China’s human rights abuses. He also slammed President Donald Trump for his alleged approval of China’s concentration camps.

“This is the government to whom the NBA is bowing, and President Trump is giving approval, and Disney is openly thanking,” Tapper seethed. “After a horrible genocide, the Holocaust, the world came together and pledged ‘never again.’ The NBA, President Trump, and the Walt Disney company, they’re making those words meaningless.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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