Jake Tapper Torches Trump Team’s Flailing Legal Fight: ‘Embarrassing… The Gang That Couldn’t Sue Straight’


CNN’s Jake Tapper concluded his latest State of the Union with a thorough dissection of the flailing legal efforts by President Donald Trump and his campaign to change the outcome of the 2020 Election.

Tapper began by tackling Trump’s lies about Republican election observers being banned from watching the vote counts, then he addressed how Trump’s campaign has tried to present their voter fraud claims and election grievances in court. The CNN host especially took note of how the Trump campaign has seen multiple cases get thrown out after they repeatedly failed to produce upfront evidence for their claims.

“It’s been, frankly, embarrassing,” Tapper said. “No evidence, unprofessional, desperate. Increasingly Trump campaign lawyers seem to realize being involved in fact-free desperation efforts to overturn the results of a free and fair election might not necessarily enhance their resumes.”

From there, Tapper continued to delve through the news that multiple law firms have withdrawn their representation for the Trump campaign as they continue to observe legal setbacks, along with the president pushing a new “deranged conspiracy theory.” This led to Tapper wondering how much longer the Republican Party will keep giving deference to Trump and his evidence-free claims.

The problem with Republican officeholders arguing that President Trump has the right to present his evidence in court is that the president’s efforts do not have anything to do with evidence. They have to do with hearsay and rumor and insinuations and lies and conspiracy theories. Once these efforts have been rejected by every court, outgoing President Trump will likely continue to make them. How long is the Republican Party going to continue to defer to unhinged mendacious desperation led by the gang that couldn’t sue straight?

Watch above, via CNN.

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