Chuck Todd: If a Foreign Leader Was Acting Like Trump Is Now, State Dept ‘Would Be Issuing Grim Reports’ About Their Democracy


Chuck Todd opened Sunday’s Meet the Press going off on President Donald Trump’s attacks on the election and his baseless claims of it being stolen from him.

Todd took note of Joe Biden’s win “by a comfortable electoral vote margin” before saying, “The President of the United States refuses to concede the election, claiming falsely that it was somehow stolen. His attorney general is currently encouraging investigations into voter fraud, despite a lack of evidence that any exists. His secretary of state is suggesting the president will be inaugurated for a second term.”

And after noting Trump is putting loyalists in key positions during this lame duck period, Todd said, “If this were happening anywhere else, our State Department would be issuing grim reports about the future of that country’s democracy. But that country is this country — it’s happening here.”

He also called out the Trump team for its refusal to begin the proper transition process and preventing Biden’s team from getting briefings, particularly on the coronavirus pandemic amid alarming surges across the country.

“President Trump is refusing to acknowledge two realities: his defeat and Covid-19. But the virus does not care,” Todd said.

You can watch above, via NBC.

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