James Comey Ahead of Mueller Hearing: Trump Would’ve Been Indicted If He Wasn’t President


Former FBI Director James Comey told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Tuesday that President Donald Trump “would have already have been indicted” on obstruction if he were not the president.

“Do you agree with the 800 plus prosecutors who would have said if Donald Trump were anyone other than the president of the United States, he would have absolutely been charged with obstruction?” Wallace asked Comey, who was appearing the day before Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifies before Congress.

“If this were a case about someone other than the president, they’d already have been indicted on at least several of these obstruction incidents, maybe all of them, I don’t know,” Comey replied.

He also said that Mueller, if pressed, would also say that there is sufficient basis to charge the president on at least some of the counts. But, he said Mueller would not do so because he is a “principled man trying to be fair.” He said that Mueller said, “I shouldn’t be doing that given that the man can’t vindicate himself.”

“I’d be shocked if he imagined Bill Barr would say, thanks, Bob, no case we’re, we’re closing it. I would be shocked,” said Comey.

Comey’s comments come the day before Mueller’s testimony about the findings of his probe before Congress.

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