Jeffrey Lord Trashes CNN on Fox News: ‘I Called Out People By Name and Got Fired For It’


Jeffrey Lord, the former CNN commentator who was fired last month over a controversial tweet, appeared on Fox News and talked about his firing.

Tucker Carlson began by asking him to weigh in on CNN host W. Kamau Bell, who Carlson previously condemned for speaking at an Antifa rally accused him of “peddling hate.” Lord responded by telling him how he was asked by Jared Kushner if he could introduce then-candidate Donald Trump at a campaign event, but he declined because he “wasn’t sure if that was a good thing to do in terms of CNN” and then later on the network had asked him not to do so when Trump came into town again as President-Elect.

“So when I saw that clip [of Bell], I was a little curious,” Lord smirked.

Carlson pointed out that CNN declined to comment, but Lord responded by saying he knows that CNN is “unhappy” with him.

“I was fired from CNN because I was mocking Nazi-style tactics from Media Matters,” Lord said.

Lord explained that he had written a column that condemned Media Matters that included some satire involving the Nazi phrase “Sieg heil!” and that when he used it on Twitter, CNN “immediately took it the wrong way.”

“They have the right to hire or fire whoever they want, but I’m not sure they understood that I was aware that this group has gone after a businessman in New York… who by the way is Jewish, and terrorized his business,” Lord elaborated. “I believe it is okay to mock people who use Nazi-style tactics, to mock Nazis, white separatists, white supremacists, the Klu Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, these people have no role in our American civic society. I found it interesting that the president was being accused of not calling out people by name. I called out people by name and I got fired for it.”

He also pointed out that CNN called the tweet “indefensible” even though he used the exact phrase in a column two days earlier and “there was no reaction.”

Lord agreed with Carlson that there was a “double standard” between how he was treated by CNN with the Trump rally and how they’re treating Bell appearing at an Antifa rally.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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