Jerry Falwell Jr. Trashes Romney Over Vote to Convict Trump: Like When Scar Betrayed Mufasa


Last night on Fox News, it wasn’t only Jeanine Pirro blowing up at Mitt Romney. Jerry Falwell Jr. appeared with Jesse Watters and compared Romney to Scar from The Lion King.

Yes, really.

Watters brought on Falwell to react to Romney talking on the Senate floor about how his faith led him to reach his conclusion in voting to convict the president. “When you hear him use God in that way on an impeachment vote in the Senate, how does that square with you?” Watters asked.

Falwell said Romney should “keep his religion in his personal life, how he treats other people”:

“I said the other night on TV that the 1990s movie The Lion King, the animated version, that the Democrats were acting like hyenas in their impeachment. But also I think Mitt Romney fits in that movie a little bit because I don’t know if you remember the character Scar, the lion who pretended to be — well, he was a l… a LINO, I call it. But he was trying to take over, overthrow the king, and he worked with the hyenas to do so and I think that’s what we’re seeing.”

“Some people have always worn halos to hide their horns,” he added, while insisting he’s “not saying that about Romney.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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