Jim Acosta Grills Trump Spox on ‘White Power’ Rally Shouts

PicMonkey Collage - AcostaJim Acosta spoke with Donald Trump‘s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski about recent developments that have occurred after the 2016 candidate’s statements on illegal immigration. After Lewandowski talked about the severity of the problem, Acosta then decided to grill him about whether there was any concern if Trump’s rhetoric might hurt anyone if it “spiral[s] out of control.”

Acosta brought up how two men in Boston attacked a homeless Hispanic man while quoting Trump’s position, and also a man who reportedly shouted “white power” during his speech in Alabama last week.

Lewandowski’s response seemed to echo Trump’s, saying that he does not condone violence, and that the people attending the rally were there because they were proud Americans who were receptive to the “Make America Great Again” motto.

“We would never condone violence. If that’s what happened in Boston, by no means would that be acceptable in nature,” Lewandowski said. “We should not be ashamed to be Americans. We should be proud of our heritage and continue to be the greatest country in the world.”

Watch the segment here:

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