Jim Jordan Echoes Replacement Theory Rhetoric on Migrant Crisis: ‘How Can You Not Conclude It’s Intentional?’


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on Fox News Monday afternoon to discuss the ongoing crisis at the southern border. There has been a surge in the number of migrants seeking entry into the United States in 2021, and recently at least 10,000 Haitian migrants are camping out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. The situation has generated a fair share of chaotic, if not cruel, scenes, with one video showing a border patrol agent on horseback hectoring Haitians who’d crossed the Rio Grande, “This is why your country’s shit!”

Jordan called on the President Joe Biden and his de facto border czar Vice President Kamala Harris to address the situation.

“The American people are fed up with this,” he told Sandra Smith. “They’d like leadership from the White House, from President Biden, from Vice President Harris. But they’re certainly not seeing it. And it’s because the White House is not willing to embrace the policies that work.”

Jordan then claimed the Biden administration is allowing the crisis to happen on purpose.

“The only conclusion any rational person can reach is this is deliberate. This is intentional.”

“Well, we certainly don’t have any indication it’s deliberate,” Smith responded.

Jordan objected. “I would take issue, Sandra,” he said. “How you can conclude it’s not intentional? We’ve had six months in a row where the number [of border encounters] keeps getting higher. So, if it’s not intentional, then it is completely irresponsible, it is completely wrong what they’re doing. I never said that until the last few months when I saw the numbers continue to grow up. So the American people understand how ridiculous this is. And yet they have an administration focused on everything else except what is going on here on the southern border.”

Jordan’s suggestion that the crisis is being deliberately ignored or cultivated echoes to some degree the rhetoric of replacement theory that is popular among White nationalists. According to this view, White power structures are being undermined by lower birth rates among Whites, as well as the introduction of non-White immigrants into the society in an attempt to dilute the power and influence of Whites.

Watch above via Fox News.

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