Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Mock Trump’s ‘Disaster’ Interview with Jonathan Swan: ‘It Made His Coronavirus Briefings Look Good’


Late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump’s Monday night interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan — Fallon joking that it “was so bad it made his coronavirus briefings look good.”

Fallon added that because Swan is Australian, viewers of the interview could see Trump go down the drain in the opposite direction.

“You can tell things weren’t going well because midway through trump asked if he could talk to Chris Wallace instead,” Fallon quipped, referencing another stunning Trump interview. “The interview was such a disaster, at one point FEMA showed up and wrapped Trump in a foil blanket.”

The host later ripped the president for complaining that late Congressman and Civil Rights leader John Lewis did not go to his inauguration — joking that Trump can really hold a grudge.

“Trump did so poorly the only HBO interview he’ll do now is Elmo’s late-night talk show,” he joked. “That’s right, the interview was on HBO, which is why beforehand they showed this graphic: ‘Adult content, child language, brief stupidity.’”

Fallon then addressed Trump’s seemingly blasé attitude towards the growing number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S., roasting him for using the phrase “it is what it is.”

“Yep, move over, MAGA, we’ve got a new hat on the market,” he said showing an “It is what it is” hat. “That reminds me of the moment after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when F.D.R. said, ‘Eh, what are you going to do?’”

The host then played mock deleted scenes from the interview, which showcased him answering Swan’s questions dressed in a Trump costume.

“I don’t know anything about John Lewis,” Fallon said as Trump. “For me, it goes ‘person, woman, man, camera, tv, and then way down the list, maybe John Lewis. We’ll see.'”

Meyers similarly mocked the president’s interview for his responses to questions regarding the coronavirus and for his attitude towards John Lewis.

“In a new interview, President Trump said the coronavirus pandemic is, quote, ‘under control as much as you can control it.’ What? You’re not controlling it at all,” Meyers said. “You’re handling the pandemic the way parents handle a third child: ‘Eh, gotta get tired eventually. Just, uh, just turn the TV up.’”

He then roasted Trump’s “it is what it is” response to the coronavirus death toll — joking that he sounds like how a bad friend would console someone after a breakup.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, it’s sad, it’s sad but it, uh — it is what it is. Can we get back to me?” Meyers quipped before addressing Trump’s answers on Lewis.

“When asked in a new interview how history will remember late civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis, President Trump said he did not know because he doesn’t know John Lewis,” he added. “I guess in the same way Republicans suddenly won’t know Trump after November 4.”

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