Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Trump and Pence After Family Receives ‘Disgusting’ Death Threats From ‘MAGA Hats’


Jimmy Kimmel went after President Donald Trump and his “MAGA hats” during Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue, claiming he and his family received death threats after the comedian showed a misleading video that suggested Vice President Mike Pence carried empty PPE boxes as a publicity stunt.

Kimmel had already apologized for failing to air the full video of Pence, which clearly showed he was joking around when he asked if he should carry empty boxes “for the camera,” but was told to repeat his apology on-air in an email from the vice president’s office.

“Apologizing to the Trump administration for spreading untruth is like apologizing to Barry Bonds for using steroids. It’s hard.” Kimmel joked.

“But the outrage from the MAGA hats, the outpouring of venom, was disgusting. Stupid too, but mostly disgusting. Some of these lunatics have the audacity to use the word Christian in their bios, but that didn’t stop them from wishing death on me, on my family, on my son.”

Kimmel then claimed that he received hundreds of violent Twitter and Facebook messages on Mother’s Day for showing the misleading video of the vice president.

He then apologized again for spreading misinformation, adding, “spreading misinformation is their thing and I stepped on their toes.”

Kimmel bashed Trump for constantly lying, and requested the president apologize for a laundry list of his failures:

“We would like an apology for separating thousands of migrant children from their parents, inviting the Taliban to Camp David, siding with Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence, calling Neo-nazis ‘very fine people,’ using campaign money to pay off a porn star, mocking a 16-year-old climate activist, mocking Christine Blasey Ford, obstruction of justice, ignoring warnings on coronavirus, downplaying the dangers of coronavirus, mishandling the coronavirus, we still don’t have tests for the coronavirus, why are we opening the country when we have no tests for coronavirus?” Kimmel listed.

Watch above, via ABC.

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