Joe Scarborough Blasts Trump Supporters That Celebrated Ali Velshi Getting Shot: ‘What God Do They Pray To?’


Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough blasted supporters of President Donald Trump who cheered on and laughed at the recent shooting of MSNBC’s Ali Velshi by a rubber bullet while reporting on civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. “Who are these people?” he asked, shocked at the seeming lack of empathy for a journalist getting struck while merely doing his job.

After airing a clip from a recent Trump rally in which the president said, “I remember this guy Velshi. He got hit in the knee with a canister of tear gas, and he went down. He was down. ‘My knee, my knee.’ Nobody cared; these guys didn’t care. They moved him aside. And they just walked right through. It was the most beautiful thing.”

“Can you imagine celebrating the agony of a human being getting shot and knocked to the ground and then calling it a beautiful thing and having people cheer the way they did?” Scarborough asked. “My question is not, who is Donald Trump. We know who Donald Trump is all too well, unfortunately,” he followed, before turning a critical eye to the rally-goers who cheered.

“Who are those people that are cheering for a man being shot for doing his job and being in agony and crumbling to the ground in agony? Who are those people?” the Morning Joe host asked rhetorically. “What would their parents think of them, how did their parents raise them?” That’s right; I’m asking that question. How did their parents raise them? And what god do they pray to at night that would celebrate, applaud, cheer, a man getting shot by a rubber bullet and being in excruciating pain?”

He then turned to former Senator Claire McCaskill, who replied, “the person that he’s mocking, that was shot was a journalist doing his job under our constitution that celebrates the freedom of the press.” She added, “This was not just an assault by Donald Trump on Ali Velshi. This was an assault on our constitution and the right of journalists to safely gather the facts for the American people.”

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