Joe Scarborough: How Can I Return to a Republican Party That Stayed Silent While Trump ‘Shredded Constitutional Norms?’

During an interview with former Jeb Bush campaign official Tim Miller Monday morning, Joe Scarborough revealed that he has no intention of returning to his former political affiliation, the Republican party, after President Donald Trump leaves office.

The conversation with the former Bush campaign communications director was pegged to Miller’s recent column in The Bulwark, titled “Goodbye to All That,” which outlined his departure from the GOP, which he detailed on Morning Joe. Miller lauded President-elect Joe Biden for his early centrist moves. The Republican party isn’t coming back to us,”  adding, “while we have a temporary alliance with Joe Biden, you know, I don’t think that the Democratic party is moving in our direction either.”

Scarborough, the former Republican member of the US House of Representatives who announced his departure from the GOP early in the Trump administration, followed Miller’s lead. The Morning Joe host noted that people ask him if he would return to the Republican party after Donald Trump’s out of office.

“How could I go back to the party that remained silent while Donald Trump was pressuring his attorney general to arrest his opponent or who claimed that Article 2 gave him unlimited power, or ran up the biggest deficits, the biggest debt, the biggest budgets in the history of this constitutional republic?” Scarborough asked rhetorically.

“This guy was radical in every way,” he added. “Tim, I know you worked for candidates who were like me. We carried constitution-sized books in our pocket and got out on the stump and read from it, and these people have watched Donald Trump shred constitutional norms and shred conservative norms, and they have done nothing about it. It’s just — it’s still extraordinary.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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