Joe Scarborough Rips McConnell For Fawning Over ‘Un-Christ Like’ Trump: ‘Privately They All Trash Him’

Joe Scarborough tore into President Donald Trump on Monday morning over Mitch McConnell‘s latest fawning proclamations about the dear leader, pointing out that Republican lawmakers “trash” the president privately.

Morning Joe took on the Senate Majority Leader’s comments at a speech before the Faith & Freedom Coalition last week, in which he declared:

“In my view, the last 16 months have been the single best period for conservative values since I came to Washington… back in 1985” McConnell said. “And this is not hyperbole.”

“Let’s go through the litany,” Scarborough said on Monday. “You’ve got the biggest spending bill in the history of America, massive increases in the deficit, the most reckless spending spree in American history, I think, this past year.”

“He talked about conservative values in a faith meeting,” the MSNBC host continued. “Paying off a porn star, getting busted with a Playboy bunny. You could talk about all the racism after post-Charlottesville, defending white supremacists, trying to ban 1.5 billion people from coming into this country based on their faith, based on his campaign promise.”

“Explain to me on what planet has Donald Trump’s presidency been the high-water mark for conservatism?” Scarborough asked the Washington Post‘s Robert Costa.

Costa explained that Republican leadership strains to separate Trump’s conservative successes with the tax plan and court appointees from his more objectionable character traits and policies.

“I guess what also is so maddening is that they are scared to death to say anything negative about Donald Trump publicly, but privately they all trash him,” Scarborough noted.

“And Mitch McConnell, the audacity to say that in front of this faith and freedom group when Mitch McConnell doesn’t believe that,” he said. “Nobody on Capitol Hill thinks he believes that. Again, the cowardice shown across the Hill from Republicans is really, pretty staggering.”

“By the way, to our friends at this faith workshop this weekend, what do you think about Hispanics being called breeders, Mexicans being called [rapists]?” Scarborough asked. The most un-Christ like behavior in the White House.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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