Joe Scarborough: Trump Tweets About ‘Electoral Corruption’ and Re-Vote Are ‘Actions of a Tyrant’


A time-honored parenting tip in the post-psychological world we find ourselves is this: don’t criticize or punish the child, punish his or her actions. “Bad boy!” is a frowned upon condemnation, whereas focusing on the behavior is more effective. “Lift the toilet seat,” for example.

It is in this context that Joe Scarborough criticized some questionable language recently tweeted out by President Donald Trump regarding a very close election in Arizona and Florida.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted:

Which he followed on Sunday with:

Scarborough responded to this political rhetoric by very carefully NOT calling Trump a tyrant, choosing instead to claim that these were the “actions of a tyrant.”

“Donald Trump tweeting in Arizona that signatures don’t match, electoral corruption. This is the action of a  tyrant. This is how tyrants behave. I’m not saying that Donald Trump is. That but he is borrowing their language,” Scarborough said.

Guest Donny Deutsch took the tyrant metaphor further, suggesting that if Trump were to lose a re-election bid in 2020, he would refuse to leave the White House and call in the military to protect him. If that hypothetical sounds familiar, it’s because it was suggested in 2012 by right-wing extremists certain that then President Obama would do the same. Both suggestions were absurd.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.


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