Jon Stewart Mocks New York Plans To Ban Sugary Drinks But Decriminalize Marijuana

This week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to decriminalize the possession of 25 or less grams of marijuana. This announcement comes on the heels of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s plan to criminalize the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in size. Seeing an inherent contradiction in these two potential new rules — criminalizing one “vice,” while decriminalizing another — Daily Show host Jon Stewart introduced a segment called “Jon Stewart Tries to Figure Out What He’s Allowed to Put in His Mouth.”

Stewart began the segment by trying to figure out exactly how much marijuana is the equivalent of the 25 grams possession under Cuomo’s proposed decriminalization. As it turns out, 25 grams is equal to an ounce of marijuana, and so Stewart pulled out a bag of fake(?) marijuana from the gatefold of a Pink Floyd vinyl record.

“That’s a lot of weed,” Stewart remarked about the bag. “It’s like a Willie Nelson breakfast burrito right there.”

Stewart went on to point out the baffling contradiction between Cuomo’s decriminalization and Bloomberg’s criminalization, saying, “Let me make this clear: if [Cuomo’s marijuana decriminalization] bill passes and you get caught with all this [marijuana], you get a $100 fine. Meanwhile, if a business sells you a soda [of this 16 oz.] size, that is a $200 fine. So just to be clear: this soda is twice as illegal.”

“And here’s the sad thing,” he concluded, “they go together so well!”

Check out the clip below, via Comedy Central:

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