Joy Behar Smacks Trump For Calling NYT Op-Ed ‘Treason’: ‘He Committed Treason’ at Putin Summit!


Donald Trump accused The New York Times of “treason” for publishing the anonymous op-ed condemning him from within his own government, but Joy Behar says the real “treason” was Trump’s submissiveness to Vladimir Putin at their summit in Helsinki.

The ladies on The View were fired up as they talked about the ongoing intrigue over who might have been responsible for the op-ed. The conversation ended up gravitating around Melania Trump‘s denouncement of the piece, and whether it really matters if the writer ever gets revealed.

“I actually think it’s going to come back to bite this person,” said Abby Huntsman. “It’s made it difficult for people that are serving in the administration, that are the ‘adults,’ but now, they’re going to think twice every time they do push back because they’re trying to figure out who this person is.”

Whoopi Goldberg said Trump has created a fearful atmosphere for the people who work for him because of how poorly he reacts to criticism. As Sunny Hostin brought up Trump’s “treason” remarks, Behar interjected “he’s the one who committed treason in Helsinki!”

Trump took a lot of criticism back in July for the Helsinki summit, not only because he took Putin’s word that Russia did not interfere with the 2016 election, but also because of his wishy-washy statements about whether he believe U.S. intelligence findings on Russia’s meddlesome activities.

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