Judge Napolitano: Trump’s ‘Self-Confidence’ Could Be His Undoing, Mueller Will Have a ‘Field Day’


Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano says President Donald Trump is taking a significant gamble if he decides to speak with Robert Mueller.

As Napolitano talked about John Dowd‘s decision to leave Trump’s legal team on Fox News, he noted that the president’s team has been arguing about whether an interview with Mueller is a good idea. When Harris Faulkner asked what sort of risks Trump might run into in a Mueller interview, Napolitano warned that Trump’s unconventional style could generate legal complications for himself.

“This particular president has one of the strongest personalities and highest levels of self-confidence of any human being I’ve met. This president, if told not to say something that he wants to say, will probably say it anyway. This president doesn’t always use — I’m being diplomatic now — an economy of words. That is, that recipe, is a field day for prosecutors and FBI agents that would like to trip him up.”

As Napolitano went on to praise Dowd’s replacement by Joseph diGenova, Faulkner asked whether this development will help Trump since the president’s legal team will be more closely aligned with his perspective. Napolitano didn’t seem entirely sure since diGenova is coming into the fold while Trump is already trying to run the country and wage multiple legal battles at the same time.

“This is not good for all of this to happen to the president while he’s talking to Putin, and signing tariffs on China, and negotiating spending with the Congress,” Napolitano said. “He can keep many balls in the air, but he is human, and this is almost like being under siege.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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