Kayleigh McEnany Repeatedly Swipes at Media Coverage as Reporter Presses Her to Define ‘Obamagate’


During Friday’s White House press briefing, CBS News correspondent Steven Portnoy pressed Kayleigh McEnany on President Donald Trump’s comments about “Obamagate” crimes.

“The president suggested people should be jailed for what he suggested earlier in the week was a very obvious crime,” he said. “You’re an attorney and the president’s spokesperson. Perhaps you could lay out the elements of this crime. What crime was committed and in what way?”

“I’m really glad you asked, because there hasn’t been a lot of journalistic curiosity on this front,” she responded. “There were a number of questions raised by the action of the Obama administration.”

She pointed to the origins of the infamous Steele dossier, the FISA issue, and the unmasking of Michael Flynn. She also denounced the “criminal leak to the press” of Flynn’s call.

“These are very serious questions, they’ve been ignored by the media for far too long,” McEnany continued.

Portnoy followed up, “To be clear, I heard you mention one thing you said was criminal. That was what?”

“The leaking of his name and the very real questions that have been raised,” McEnany said, before going off on the actions of officials like Andrew McCabe and James Comey.

Portnoy asked if the president thinks “those people should be jailed.” McEnany said, “I never said that. Those are your words, not mine. But perhaps you should look into it and get some answers. That is, after all, the job of reporters to answer the very questions I’ve laid out and I hope you guys will take the time to do it.”

You can watch above, via the White House.

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