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Keith Olbermann’s Tea Time with Tom Tancredo and the ‘Tea Klan’

Countdown host Keith Olbermann has been on a roll lately. Along with his great new Twitter Report, he has rolled out another of the branded segments that make the show what it is. “Tea Time” is a nightly spotlight on the corners of the Tea Party movement that groups like Freedomworks are trying to push into the shadows.

Still, he would do much better to refrain from phrases like the “Tea Klan,” and just let people like Tom Tancredo and Tim “English Only” James speak for themselves.

As I’ve said before, groups like Freedomworks deserve a lot of credit for trying to eradicate the uglier elements of the Tea Party movement, as they yoke the movement’s energy to the GOP’s policy goals. However, people like Tancredo and James move Olbermann’s “Tea Klan” remark from deep left field onto the edge of the infield.

In last night’s segment, Olbermann highlighted Tancredo’s theory that the Obama administration is deliberately hiding the President’s birth certificate in order to make the Tea Party “look crazy.” Yes, and they’re hiding the UFOs, too, to keep Dennis Kucinich in his place.¬†Credit Alan Colmes for drawing this bit of puss out of Tancredo like a medicated gauze pad.

Then, he plays the most awesomely xenophobic ad ever. Tea Party candidate for Alabama Governor Tim James goes all soft-focus, “The More You Know…” in his hilarious appeal for an English-only driver’s license exams. The best is when he pauses at the end, either deep in thought or cutting an SBD, before looking sincerely at the camera to ask if it makes sense to me. My answer? Not as much sensa as making a reasonable accommodation that hurts no one, and that we’ve already paid for. In fact, what sense does it make to waste taxpayer dollars to untranslate the exam, just so Tim James can feel like his state is purer?

After you watch the segment, head over to Dave Weigel’s WaPo blog, where he has an even better “Talk English!” ad from Pat Buchanan’s 2000 presidential campaign.

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