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Alan Colmes

Slate Finally Finds the Bottom of the Barrel With Tasteless Alan Colmes Obituary

Sean Hannity Blasts ‘Mean Soulless Assholes’ at Slate Over ‘Heartless’ Alan Colmes Obituary

Slate Declares Alan Colmes ‘Buffoon,’ ‘Liberal Weakling’ Only Hours After His Death

‘It Has Been a Really Tough Day’: Hannity Speaks About Death of Former Co-Host Alan Colmes

‘A Very Nice and Decent Person’: Twitter Mourns the Death of Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes Dead at 66

Fox’s Napolitano Thinks That James Comey Should Resign

GOP Rep Defends Trump: ‘Sometimes a Lady Needs To Be Told When She’s Being Nasty’

Alan Colmes Confronts Trump Surrogate For Calling Khizr Khan a Terror Sympathizer

Deepak Chopra Thinks Trump is Emotionally Retarded: ‘Maybe He’s Mentally Retarded Too’

Pat Boone Can’t Take a Joke, Thinks the FCC Should Punish Blasphemy

Ex-Apprentice Winner: Trump Showed ‘Racial Insensitivity’ on the Show

David Duke Speaks Out on Trump: I’m Not a White Supremacist, I’m a ‘Human Rights Activist’

Ben Carson Responds to Report That He Left Sponge In Patient’s Brain

Wesley Clark Didn’t Mean Internment; He Meant Re-Education Camp!

Ron Paul: Donald Trump a ‘Dangerous Person’

Ann Coulter Addresses That Time She Called Trump a ‘Clown’

CNN Guest Who Said Confederate Flag Removal Is ‘Cultural Genocide’ Thinks Booth Waited Too Long to Kill Lincoln

Fox’s Todd Starnes Thinks Disney Hates God

Alan Colmes Confronts Alex Jones: ‘You Scare People!’

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