Michelle Obama: I’ll ‘Never Forgive’ Trump For ‘Crazy and Mean-Spirited’ Birther Conspiracy

GOP Rep. Surprises CNN’s Keilar by Likening Russia Investigation to Birtherism

‘Disgraceful’: Flake Slams Trump Ahead of Fake News Awards by Listing Biggest Lies

Chris Cuomo Grills Arpaio for Standing by Birtherism: You Tried to ‘Delegitimize a President’!

CNN’s Acosta: Trump Thinks Standing by Obama Birtherism Would’ve Helped Him in Election

Trump Is STILL Questioning Authenticity of Obama’s Birth Certificate, NYT Reports

Don Lemon: ESPN Should Apologize to Trump Once POTUS Apologizes to Obama for Birtherism

Don Lemon Blasts Jack Kingston For Blaming Birtherism on Hillary: ‘I Won’t Be the Purveyor of Fake News’

Lawrence O’Donnell Shreds Jeff Flake for Being Six Years Late on Trump, GOP Criticisms

Jeff Flake Laments That the GOP Didn’t Stand Up to the Birther Movement

Scarborough Claims Trump Has Changed…Forgetting Birtherism, Central Park Five and Alicia Machado

‘What a Hoot!’ Chris Matthews Mocks Hannity for Comparing Russia Probe to ‘Birther Conspiracy’

Tapper: Trump Is ‘Inconsistent’ on Use of Anonymous Sources and ‘Not a Particularly Good Judge of Them’

Jesse Watters on Trump’s Birtherism: He Was ‘Just Having a Little Fun’ at Obama’s Expense

Chris Matthews: ‘Why Would Anybody Believe’ Trump After His Years of Birtherism?

Spicer Complains About Misreported Birthplace; CNN’s Tapper Trolls Him With a Reference to Birtherism

Obama: There Have Been People ‘Whose Primary Concern About Me Is That I Seem Foreign’

Fox’s Kurtz: Saying Trump Shouldn’t Be ‘Normalized’ Echoes Attempts to Delegitimize Obama

Report: Trump Actually Born in Pakistan, Ineligible for Presidency #BirthersBack

NBC’s Katy Tur Says She’d Be Surprised if Trump Apologized to Obama for Birtherism

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