Kellyanne Conway Blows Up at Cuomo in Bitter Clash on Trump Migrant Policy: ‘How Dare You!’


Kellyanne Conway gave an interview to CNN’s Chris Cuomo tonight, and you know what that means – a full-throttle slugfest in which neither side gave an inch.

The conversation was, of course, centered around the big news of the day: Trump blaming nonexistent Democrat laws for his administration’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border. Cuomo brought up ProPublica’s disturbing audio of crying migrant children, and asked Conway why Trump won’t stop this policy when it’s in his power to do so.

Conway accused CNN of “glossing over” the issue of child smuggling, and started complaining that the network doesn’t cover migrant children who are brought to America and become victims of human, drug and sex trafficking.

“I only wish you would play the audiotape, the videotape, that CNN would do a surround sound program of the hundreds of thousands of minors that have come into the border into this nation in the last several years. I don’t know where they are, do you? Does CNN know that those girls haven’t been drug trafficked, sex trafficked? Do you know that they’re with adult family members, people who love them? Do you know they’re alive?”

Cuomo countered by asking why Trump is sticking with his policy approach instead of leading on changing the laws.

Conway snapped at Cuomo again when he brushed off her question about knowing the whereabouts of every single migrant child in America, calling it “the most elitist arrogant thing that could’ve been said.” Cuomo then said that Trump changed immigration policy as a play to his base — a remark which Conway did not like.

At all.

“How dare you!” Conway exclaimed. “If you want to live in a sovereign nation that doesn’t have borders, you go for it.”

That was just the beginning, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Watch the whole exchange in the videos above, via CNN.

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