Kellyanne Conway Pushes Back on GOP Calls to Ban TikTok: ‘I’m Not a Big Ban Things Person’


Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway pushed back against calls to ban TikTok and claimed she was “surprised” to see Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) jump so quickly on the ban train.

Appearing on America Reports, Conway offered a defense of TikTok against ban calls, referring to TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew’s hearing on Capitol Hill.

“I believe that the gentleman from TikTok gave some statistics that maybe the rest of us aren’t necessarily aware of. Most users are over 18. There’s a 60-minute limit for kids under 18. This is a company headquartered in Los Angeles, it’s not available in China, so we should think about that,” Conway said.

Chew did note that TikTok is not used in China, but concerns stem from its Chinese parent company ByteDance and the amount of information that company could have access to.

The former advisor to Donald Trump said she was “surprised” to hear DeSantis say he would ban the service and declared, “I’m not a big ban things person.” She chalked up DeSantis’ support of a ban to him trying to appeal to parents amidst a “parents renaissance.”

Trump made efforts to ban TikTok, but Conway claimed the former president would have preferred a U.S. purchaser stepping in to take over TikTok.

“Ultimately, President Trump would have preferred to have a U.S. purchaser of TikTok because then you’re subject to U.S. laws and regulations and we can hold them accountable and make them more transparent,” she said.

Watch above via Fox News.

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