Laura Ingraham Battles Jesse Jackson: Are You Saying Trump’s Done Nothing Good For Black America?

On Thursday night, Laura Ingraham took on Reverend Jesse Jackson over President Trump‘s ongoing feud with NFL players as well as whether or not things have improved for black Americans under his presidency.

Jackson began by defending Colin Kaepernick‘s First Amendment right to peacefully protest and accused Trump of “interfering with the process” by encouraging penalties for other players who protested during the national anthem. He also blasted the president for disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles from coming to the White House, a team that never took a knee last season. Ingraham pushed back, saying while she would have allowed any number of representatives of the team to the White House, but calling their last-minute pullout of the event and trying to reschedule it on the week of Trump’s Singapore summit “lame.”

The conversation then shifted to Trump’s economic policies.

“Is there any good news for black America under this administration?” Ingraham asked Jackson. “Do you like the unemployment numbers? Do you like small businesses being created?”

Jackson responded by saying he “inherited a good economy” from President Obama. He also invoked Trump’s recently-implimented tariffs on allies like Canada, Mexico, and the EU, something Ingraham defended by saying we’ll have “better paying jobs” and “more manufacturing” in the U.S.

“How you’re turning that into an anti-black thing is beyond me,” Ingraham said. “Were you okay with like millions of jobs were being sent overseas due to globalization and millions of jobs were being bled off to countries like Mexico? That was good for black America? Because call me crazy, but I don’t think that was good for working class people at all. We lost millions of jobs. And this president is bringing jobs back to the United States and doing stuff like prison reform  with Jared Kushner and others were working together, even Democrats. From what I could hear, this president has done nothing good for black America, is that what you’re saying tonight? Nothing?”

Before wrapping up the segment, Ingraham predicted that Trump is “going to do great things” for black America and urged Jackson to “find common ground” with the president.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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