Laura Ingraham Repeatedly Urges Trump to Ignore Impeachment Hearings: ‘I Wouldn’t Tweet About It, I Wouldn’t Dignify It’


Laura Ingraham, one of President Donald Trump’s most unwavering defenders, repeatedly offered up not-so-subtle advice to him on her show, repeatedly urging Trump to ignore impeachment and refuse to dignify it with constant posts on Twitter about it.

During the opening monologue of her Monday show, Ingraham dismissed the impact of the impeachment hearings on public opinion — even as an ABC News poll showed nearly six in ten are following the hearings and 51% favor impeachment and removal of Trump — and said Trump should instead focus on other issues.

“For [Democrats], impeachment is just another campaign strategy. A total travesty,” Ingraham claimed. “Now if I were Trump, I wouldn’t even talk about impeachment. I wouldn’t tweet about it, I would dignify it. It’s not an impeachment drama, it’s a comedy of Constitutional errors. You know what I would say? I would say see you in court. Or see you at the ballot box. That’s real drama. The type that could bring down the House.”

To reinforce her point, Ingraham made it again a few minutes later during her first panel segment with two Republican Congressman.

“I think you will see continuing declining ratings because this is boring television,” Rep. Andy Biggs claimed, even though ratings for days one and two of the impeachment hearings were almost the same, at roughly 13 million viewers. “Even if I were at home I would probably have it on mute.”

“I think if the president just ignored this: Does a tree fall in the forest, if nobody hears it?” Ingraham reiterated. “I just don’t think anyone cares about this. I wouldn’t do a tweet-o-rama about it, I would ignore most of the noise.”

Watch the videos above, via Fox News.

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